Band BW2

Tom Judge


·        Fun fact: Tom vehemently defends the idolatry of Gene Simmons as an unrecognized genius.

·        Notable: Warms up for every show by singing to a cactus.

·        Turn-ons: Women with a foreign accent, women with a limp.

·        Turn-offs: People who smoke, people who complain.

Leo Ekdahl

Percussion and Vocals

·        Fun fact: Leo spent an entire year living at Burger King by hiding in the bathroom stalls at night.

·        Notable: In his spare time Leo enjoys playing Monopoly with his cat.

·        Turn-ons: Scuba gear

·        Turn-offs: Those who would suggest that “Children of the Corn” is not one of the greatest movies of all time.


Steven Heinz

Guitar, Bass and Vocals

·        Fun fact: Steve has spent years perfecting a killer recipe for peach melba. “The secret is extra Prozac,” he explained.

·        Notable: Once won an award for competitive Boggle.

·        Turn-ons: The letter Q.

·        Turn-offs: None.

Ron Ekdahl

Guitar, Bass and Vocals

·        Fun Fact: On a dare, Ron once consumed a jar of mayonnaise and a gallon of warm water.

·        Notable: Ron majored in Animal Husbandry while in college.

·        Turn-ons: Mermaids.

·        Turn-offs: Sign language.